Make prospective Buyer’s first impressions count!

Posted on August 21st, 2013 by Holly & Bob Catania

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Potential Buyers often decide whether they are interested in a home within seconds. Whether they are online or in person, that first impression sets the tone for the whole experience. If their first impression is negative, then they will be on the lookout for things that they don’t like.

There are three types of first impressions:

Online – online appeal distinguishes which properties a potential buyer chooses to view in the first place. Since nine out of ten home buyers begin their search online, seller’s should first pay attention to how their properties come across electronically. That’s why we work with a professional photographer who takes high resolution photos for print advertising, medium resolution photos for the web, and four panoramic 360 degree photos for the virtual tour.

Curb Appeal – If you want to get the Buyer through the front door, you must create a visually appealing presentation. For minimal expense, sellers can freshen up landscaping with mulch and add color with annuals. Other outdoor tips include making the front door as appealing as possible, installing exterior lighting, synchronizing your entry hardware, rather than mix and match pieces.

Interior – make sure the entryway is free of clutter, pay attention to smell, eliminate any potential sources of mold or mildew. Kitchen and bathroom counters should be free of clutter, beds made, windows clean, etc. The interior should be depersonalized of photos and memorabilia. Most importantly the interior should be clean, neat and organized. all lights should be turned on and all drapes and window treatments should be open. When we market a home, our service includes accompanying all showings and meeting the cooperating agent and their Buyer to ensure that all these items are addressed prior to the showing.

Don’t cut Corners – Be aware too that all three threshholds must be crossed for a showing to be a success. If a property has great curb appeal, but looks dingy inside, for instance, then the photolisting will reveal that – and buyers may avoid it. On the other hand, if the interior sparkles but the exterior looks unkempt, potential buyers may well keep driving or continue browsing online for other properties.

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