In our many moves, Kim and I have met with agents and have seen scores of properties in four countries. We appreciated that you were patient with us, you knew when to give us time to talk, you kept the pressure off. Thanks again. We’d be very happy to refer you to potential clients. Richard & Kim Choi  Weston, FL

We couldn’t have done it without you. You have helped us more than we could have asked for. Thanks for your acts of kindness. We truly appreciate it.

Naresh & Swati Mevada Miramar, FL

Our experience with Bob & Holly Catania was an extremely pleasant one. In the past we have owned 5 condos and 4 homes and have interviewed many Realtors. None of our past Realtors have been as organized, upfront, informative and overall professional as Bob & Holly.At each showing they were there ahead of time, making sure our house looked ready for the clients. They planned ahead for any problems and when it came down to the final walk-thru and closing they were right there with us each step of the way. Communication is one of the most important factors when you are selling your home and there was no doubt in our mind that each time we called, emailed or texted either one with a question they had responded immediately. This truly showed they cared and wanted to stay on top of each situation as it arose. Thank You very much for all the attention & again your professionalism.”

Tricia Benton, Bill & Rosalie Coyle Weston, FL

We felt very fortunate, as both buyers and sellers, to work with Holly and Bob. It wasn’t just about selling a house and buying a house, it was about finding a HOME for our growing family. Their knowledge and experience was evident through every step of the process. Whenever our next time comes, we will use Holly and Bob to represent us.

Nina & Keith van der Voort Weston, FL

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did on the sale of our home. David and I felt like there were just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. And one of those things we didn’t spend enough time doing was thanking you both and letting you know how grateful we are that things went so smoothly. You are excellent at what you do and we would gladly be a reference for you.

Lisa & David Briggs Weston, FL

When we decided to sell our home, we wanted a team approach as we thought it would give us better market coverage. We had called others, but only Bob and Holly answered the phone directly. We knew then we were on the right track. They made their presentation promptly and thoroughly and never pressured us in any way. Their arrival at a selling price was justified by the investigation work and market knowledge they had. Within days of listing with Bob and Holly, we received a fair offer.Because we were not living in the home, we entrusted Bob and Holly with everything. They recommended and oversaw repairs. They recommended reputable movers. They kept us up to date with the buyer’s mortgage commitment and title. They truly made the entire process painless. We have since closed and are still talking to our friends about how fortunate we were to have Bob and Holly Catania on our side. Thank you so much..

Jerome & Phyllis Kaiser Weston, FL

I want to thank you for all the assistance you gave me during my recent home search. I say home and not house because a home is what I was looking for. As you know I recently divorced and had to sell my home in the St. Augustine area. Feeling somewhat “dislocated” at 62 years of age is quite an unsettling experience. I am sure the fears I had are experienced by most people in my circumstances, but the two of you have made my life so much more fulfilling by helping me find a home that I am extremely happy with. You know I struggled with making a decision as to location vs the size of a house. I wanted to be near my son and granddaughter, but I also wanted something that would accommodate all my belongings. And, previously having a large house with a lot of collections, I found that I had a lot of “stuff”. I was pleased with my decision to “down size” and be nearer my family in the Weston area. Although it was my decision the two of you helped me make it using realistic facts and goals, and you didn’t mind showing me houses in the various areas to accommodate my needs. You did several market surveys for me and took the time to explain what I could get in the different areas. You also walked me through the “short sale” and “foreclosure” process, as when I first stated looking I thought that was the area I wanted to pursue. I have never before met Realtors who showed such a high degree of professionalism, while considering and addressing the feelings and fears of their customers. I always felt the two of you were looking out for me. And, what a very nice feeling to have in today’s market, and my personal circumstance. You gained my trust because each of you knew when it was time to simply offer a suggestion or to be more forceful to ensure my decisions were not based on emotion but facts – this was truly a hard area for me. But, you softened the “blow” and were very gentle in doing so. Above all I appreciated the degree of professionalism you demonstrated during the entire process. You provided me, on several occasions, with copies of the listings – with pictures – in the same order as we were going to see the houses. This gave me time to read about them before actually seeing them, providing me with the opportunity to focus on some important areas (for me) when I did see the properties. You walked me through the process step-by-step and if necessary, repeated some of the information. You also offered proof as to the validity of your suggestions, so that I always felt I was an informed real estate buyer. From the first day you took me looking at houses through closing on the one I purchased, I walked away understanding and knowing everything that had transpired – even to the point of every paper I was signing at the closing table.Again, thanks to both of you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me put this part of my life back together and I am feeling so very happy. If anyone tells me they are thinking of moving, your names are the first that will come from my lips. I wish you both great success!

Brenda K. Collinson Weston, FL

1535 Three Village Road Weston, FL 33326
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